Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sean Price Gets Brolic On The Cover Art for ‘Mic Tyson’

While some rappers prefer to be superheroes, Sean Price would rather be super villain.  He’s more Darkseid than Superman, which I imagine suits him just fine.  Hip-Hop doesn’t have much regard for overgrown Boy Scouts, but it does have an undying love for overgrown bullies.  Sean knows that damn well, hence the title of his upcoming third (and possibly final) solo album, Mic Tyson.  As if that weren’t menacing enough, the newly released cover art for his junior set perfectly embodies the sentiments of that title.

The image is of a buffed and battle worn Sean Price, clutching a bloodied microphone while standing amidst bloodied gorilla corpses.  He looks up at the viewer with furrowed brow.  It’s an outlandish image, to be sure.  However, those who are at all familiar with Sean’s music will find it perfectly in keeping with his rap persona.  This guy is a lyrical silverback, and won’t hesitate to apeshit when need be.  

If I saw something like this on the shelves of my local comic shop, I wouldn’t hesitate to snap it up.  I’m guessing that quite a few comic fans and Hip-Hop heads would agree with me.  Though clearly aimed at an audience that would be considered niche by many, this cover does what it’s supposed to do.  The same can be said for the extremely brief video clip for the Quelle Chris produced track “I See.”  Director Rome York follows the example of his star, keeping things simple yet imposing.  In its purist form, that is exactly what Hip-Hop is supposed to be.  Mic Tyson will be in stores October 30th.  

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