Saturday, October 6, 2012

New Music: Sean Price - STFU Part 2 (Mic Tyson Cover Animation Video)

Raphael Tanghal’s cover art for Mic Tyson is just plain awesome.  There’s no other way to put it.  The only thing that could possibly make it any better is to put it on the cover of a limited edition Sean Price comic.  An even better idea would be to make it into a full length cartoon.  While that may be asking for too much, Chain Gang Productions has cooked up a little something to whet the palette.  They’ve turned the cover for Mic Tyson into a video for the track “STFU Part 2.”

The video incorporates a number of pop culture references, while managing to create a sense of continuity between the cover art for Sean’s first and third albums.  The beginning shows Sean grocery shopping while “Tumbling Tumbleweeds” plays in the background.   It’s an obvious homage to The Big Lebowski.  From there, the video goes in an entirely different direction.  

After seeing his emblem shining against the night sky à la the Bat-Signal, Sean pilots a spaceship to a remote jungle location.  When the ship crashes, he sprints through a jungle and gets jumped by a herd of gorillas.  The visuals are taken directly from Sean’s debut LP, Monkey Barz, which itself was inspired by Planet of the Apes.  The bloody melee culminates in the cover image from Mic Tyson.  
The entire video is rendered in limited animation, and plays out in motion-comic fashion.  It’s reminiscent of the sci-fi/action based cartoons that Hanna Barbera produced during the late 1960’s.  The track is vintage east coast horrorcore, served up by the Alchemist.  A sinister bassline strums while a hypnotic whine hypnotizes the listener.  It’s really great when marketing materials capture the essence of an artist so completely.  Sean Price may not be a pop star, but he’s certainly larger than life.    


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