Saturday, October 6, 2012

Scottscope Podcast 10/02/2012: Looper, Ross vs. Jeezy, and Hollywood's Return to the Hood!

On this week’s Scottscope podcast, we’ll be talking about the dynamic new time travel epic Looper.  Does it raise the bar for time travel films?  Is it one of the best science fiction films in years?  Will it achieve the same level of cult status and/or popularity as Back to the Future and The Terminator?  Is Bruce Willis the new elder statesman of 80’s action icons?  How does his track record stack up to Stallone and Schwarzenegger’s?  Will Ryan Johnson now become a fanboy favorite?  Is the fall of 2012 shaping up to be better than the summer of 2012 as far as genre films are concerned?

We will also talk about Rick Ross and Young Jeezy’s altercation at the 2012 BET Hip-Hop Awards ceremony in Atlanta.  Just what was it about?  Why did it happen?  What is the history between these two artists?  Does this make the BET Hip-Hop awards no better than The Source Awards?  Does it validate the stigma and notoriety surrounding Hip-Hop award shows?  Is that stigma well deserved, or is it unfounded? Is it time for rappers to outgrow this type of behavior?

The roundtable will also take a look at the current state of the hood flick.  Is it a dead genre?  Do films like End Of Watch signal a possible resurgence?  Why are people so fascinated with this side of the African American experience?  Should white directors be allowed to make these films?  What is the best hood film of all time?  If the genre does experience a revival, how will modern hood films be any different from their predecessors?  Should the genre stay dead?  

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