Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Gina Carano Goes 'Haywire' in the Opening Scene of Steven Soderbergh's New Action Flick

The opening scene of Steven Soderbergh’s upcoming action film Haywire was recently posted over at Hulu.  It gives viewers but a taste of the brutal fisticuffs that await them come opening day.  It takes place in a diner, where Gina’s character Mallory Kane has her morning coffee interrupted by Aaron (Channing Tatum).  It starts out in a fairly mundane manner, with Tatum delivering his lines in drowsy fashion (I can’t tell if he’s doing so intentionally or if he’s simply being himself).  At the 3:07 mark, the things suddenly erupt into a brutal and destructive scrap.  The lead character is mercilessly beaten before turning the tables and her opponent and pounds him into the linoleum.

The Tuskegee Airmen Fly High and Hit Hard in 7 Minute Preview of ‘Red Tails’

Red Tails opens in movie theaters across the country in less than two weeks.  Screenings have been held, yet there is still no real word as to its quality.  That’s more than a little troubling when we are so close the wire.  Many want this film to do well, and for obvious reasons.  The immediate future of Black films not squarely aimed at the “Chitlin’ Circuit” crowd could very well hinge on how Red Tails performs on its opening weekend.    Black audiences are being encouraged to come out en masse, so as to show Hollywood that such films can be profitable.  If Red Tails is to receive the desired level of success, it would be nice if the movie itself was deserving of it.   The film will likely have to be exceptionally good to enjoy any measure of crossover business.