Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Mission Not Quite Impossible: One Teenager's Unrelenting Quest to See 'Juice'

In 1992, I was rediscovering my NY roots.  Having lived in Lithonia, GA for six years at that point, I wasn’t really a New Yorker anymore.  Though I still enjoyed much of the rap music that came from there, my growing fascination with West Coast gangsta rap had nearly converted me by that point.  I wasn’t really feeling the then emerging generation of NY rappers.  Brand Nubian and Leaders of the New School just didn’t move me, at least not at first.  Their videos sucked, and their production left something to be desired in my eyes.  However, by 1992 I was slowly coming back to the fray.  Some kids from Queens had started going to my High School.  I liked their swagger, and in turn befriended them.  Another influence in that same regard was my cousin, a native of the Parkchester section of the Bronx.  He had just signed a deal with Wyld Pitch records, and the B-Side of his first single 
celebrated the home town in grand fashion.  As if some sort of omen,   a film appeared on the scene that seemed to cater to my feelings at the time.