Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Short Film Review: Ruthless

His Chinese gun smuggling ring dismantled, Triad gangster Lee has designs on moving his operation stateside.  He’s even found a gwailo benefactor to help make this dream a reality.  Alas, old demons come back to haunt him, preventing his plans from truly coming to fruition.

Short Film Review: Magnetic

Rogue Agent “Dark Suit” (Alexander Hashioka-Oatfield) is finally tracked down by Rookie Agent “Light Suit” (Jessie Bayani).  The game appears to be up as “Dark Suit” has his hands up against a wall and is being frisked by “Light Suit.”  “Dark Suit” suddenly gets the drop on his less experienced counterpart, disarming him.  A pitched battle ensues in the tiny space as “Light Suit” struggles to regain the upper hand over his prey.  In the end, only one agent will walk away from this alive.

Movie Trailer: The Avengers - Official Trailer #2

By now, moviegoers have surely been shown enough of The Avengers via trailers and commercials to have an idea of what the film holds in store.  Each successive advertisement has tried to expand the scope of the film a bit.  They’ve been successful to an extent, though it still seems like the first episode in an extravagant television series rather than an ambitious big screen epic.  That notwithstanding, it must be acknowledged that there appears to be some very good stuff here.  The latest trailer, billed as the second official one, plays like a two and half minute highlight reel.  It’s a procession of money shots in which each character gets to shine a bit.  Some moments are so good that one wishes they would have been saved for the film itself.