Saturday, March 10, 2012

Short Film Review: Chase

Early one morning on the I-95, an apocalyptic high speed chase is underway.  The entire police department is in hot pursuit of four sexy speedsters.  Given the manpower involved, these ladies shouldn’t be hard to snare.  However, they have more than a few tricks up there sleeve.  The interstate is their playground.  

Happy Birthday Riggs and Murtaugh: ‘Lethal Weapon’ Turns 25

By 1987, the "Buddy Cop" film had been around for a couple of decades.  During the opening half of the decade, it was redefined by Walter Hill’s racially charged 48 Hours.  However, times were changing, and the gospel of high-concept filmmaking was spreading rapidly through Tinsel Town.  Producer Joel Silver, a huge proponent of that particular approach, would apply it to a rather dark screenplay by a UCLA graduate.  The resulting film was a bit lighter, but retained much of the script’s ferocity. In the process, a franchise was spawned and the "Buddy Cop" film was changed forever.