Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Gentleman’s Club Talk Radio 3-22-2012

In recent weeks, I have become part of the Gentleman’s Club Talk Radio family.  Gentleman’s Club Talk Radio is a virtual lounge hosted by Torrey Fields, Iron Lion, and the lovely Ms. Raven “EthioAmerican” Alexandria. Every week they cover a wide range of topics from sports to current events and everything in between.  They always manage to do so with humor, wit, and intelligence.  I appear sporadically as my alter ego “Malice Intended” to cover Hip-Hop and movie related topics.  The party jumps off every Thursday from 9pm EST to 11pm EST.  All are welcome as long as you keep it grown, sexy, and smart!

Movie Trailer: ‘Unlucky Stars’ Teaser Trailer

Upon initially discovering Hong Kong Action cinema, I turned my nose up at the Kung-Fu comedy stylings of Jackie Chan and company.  I gravitated to much more serious fare like “Heroic Bloodshed.”  I made a rare exception for the offerings of Lau Kar Leung, but that’s where I drew the line.  Since then, I have gradually been shedding such prejudices. It would appear to be too late, as the golden age of Hong Kong cinema has long since passed.  Fortunately for me, traces of its DNA can be still found in action cinema from around the world.  

Short Film Review: Make a Choice (War or Peace) Trayvon Martin

A young brother heads out to a march in honor of Trayvon Martin.  He invites his roommate to join him.  Thinking the march a futile jester, the roommate refuses, and an emotionally charged debate results.  One side believes that peaceful protest is the answer, while the other side prefers street justice.  It’s a complex question that has plagued Black America for centuries, and the Trayvon Martin shooting has only intensified such sentiments on both sides.