Thursday, April 19, 2012

TV Series Trailer: ‘Beware the Batman’ Teaser

Though I sometimes heard good things about them, I never paid much attention to any of the Batman cartoons that came after Batman: The Animated Series.  Bruce Timm’s take on the Caped Crusader left me quite satisfied, as it provided a library of fully realized adventures to rival those in any of the live action films.  That being said, the plethora of great superhero animation that has been released in recent years has opened up my mind a bit.  Batman has never been given the full on CG treatment (at least not to my admittedly limited knowledge).  DC Nation and Cartoon Network seek the remedy that with Beware the Batman, a new computer animated series set to debut later this year.

VH1 Offers ‘Behind The Music: Nas’ In its Entirety

While it certainly wasn’t as in-depth as more knowledgeable fans would have hoped for, Behind The Music: Nas offered a serviceable cliff notes version of his career up to the present day.  Many milestones and events were touched on.  It was nice to see both Primo and Extra P appear as talking heads on a VH1 documentary program.  The early meeting between Rakim and his heir apparent was a nice little gem that I hadn’t any prior knowledge of.  Such moments made the broadcast well worth the watch.