Sunday, April 29, 2012

Movie Trailer: Prometheus International Launch Trailer

I stare at the Pandora’s Box that is Prometheus, struggling to look away as its lid gradually opens wider and wider with each subsequent trailer.  However, it’s hard to resist temptation when the forbidden fruit looks so sweet.  With the international launch trailer, Ridley Scott continues to tip his hand without throwing the game.

Movie Trailer: Lawless

America has never met a capitalist it didn’t love, or an underdog it wasn’t willing to cheer on.  Hollywood has been catering to such sentiments for ages, churning out movies that portray criminals as self-made, if extremely violent, men.   Though gangster and crime films don’t put asses in seats like they used to, a decent one will almost always find an audience.  The latest of these blood soaked fables, Lawless, comes courtesy of The Weinstein Company.