Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Movie Trailer: Gangster Squad

It’s one of the most familiar stories around.  A group of law men band together (or are put together) for the purposes of cleaning up a bad town.  In order to deal with a wily and ruthless opponent, they adopt methods that fall outside the rules of their given profession.  So goes the prevailing theme in almost every “clean-up-the-town” flick ever made.  American citizens are always taught to play by the rules.  Yet, there is an undying belief that those who do so will almost always lose.  Hence the latest western in a gangster movie setting: Gangster Squad.

Short Film Review: Ninjito: Mexican Ninja

An old man sits quietly among the cacti on a cold desert night, warming himself by a small campfire.  His peaceful little scene is disturbed by when he senses the presence of another: the mythical chupacabras.  The beast has designs on the old man’s goat.  Before it can pounce, a ninja appears from the darkness to challenge the beast.  As the battle unfolds, the old man testifies to the legend of Ninjito, the Mexican Ninja!

Movie Trailer: End of Watch

Over the past decade, increasingly relaxed censorship rules on basic and pay cable channels have allowed for grittier cop dramas than one can see on regular broadcast television.  Excellent shows like The Shield and The Wire opened the floodgates.  That trend continues today with shows like Southland.  By contrast, big screen police procedurals have dwindled in number over the last ten years.  During such time, writer/director David Ayer has been keeping the genre alive with films such as Street Kings.  His latest, End of Watch, pairs the cop film with the found footage genre.