Thursday, May 10, 2012

Movie Trailer: Killer Joe

William Friedkin is nothing if not daring.  That quality has proven to be a gift and a curse.  His inability to reign himself has proven quite costly to him commercially.  Still, it’s unwise to write off an immense talent, even one who appears to be well past his prime.  Unhindered by the commercial expectations of the mainstream, a man like Friedkin is free to explore undiscovered country.  This year, he delves headfirst into the seedier side of Middle America with Killer Joe.

Tonight on The Gentleman's Club Radio: Interracial Dating & Injuries in Youth Sports

By Torrey Fields

Tonight on The Gentleman's Club Radio...Do you like a little cream in your coffee? Or prefer chocolate in your milk?  How about wanting some flavor in your everyday mix? We're talking interracial dating. Share your stories and views tonight on the GCR.