Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Music Video: Jay Z & Kanye West Featuring Frank Ocean - No Church in the Wild

Anarchy seems to be on everyone’s minds lately, and for good reason.  The economy is still in shambles.  Not too long ago, the Occupy Wall Street movement had the one percent fearing that their day of reckoning might be soon be at hand.  Americans of all races watch the George Zimmerman murder trial unfold, fearing the violent repercussions a “not guilty” verdict could bring.  Artists have caught wind of the popular zeitgeist and allowed it to inform their work.   Well, some artists have.  Mainstream rappers are too busy living their dreams to care.  It’s surprising then, that Jay-Z and Kanye West have allowed “No Church in the Wild” to become the soundtrack of the coming rebellion.  At least that’s how the video makes it seem. 

Music Video: Pusha T - Exodus 23.1

Okay, I admit it.  When it comes to Young Money Entertainment, I am indeed a hater.  Their roster is chockfull of annoying “characters” masquerading as cutting edge rap artists.  Even the more exceptional among them (The perpetually sappy Drake, for example) apply their talents in an obnoxious way.  It is for such reasons that I take sadistic pleasure in just about anything that gets a rise out of them and/or their fans.  Pusha T’s new diss record “Exodus 23.1” has managed to do just that.  Now, in a clear bid to add insult to injury, it also has a video.

Jamie Foxx Swaggers through Quentin Tarantino’s Version of the Old West in New Photos from ‘Django Unchained’

Last week, a seven minute trailer for Django Unchained wowed audiences at the Cannes Film Festival.  The rest of the world will have to wait until the release of Ridley Scott’s Prometheus to see any of it, as Ridley Scott’s film will carry a teaser for the highly anticipated spaghetti western.  Until then, British film publication Empire Magazine has provided a batch of new photos to satiate the lust for all things Tarantino.