Monday, June 4, 2012

New Trailer Reveals the Mystery Behind the Cover Art for ‘Life is Good’

Trailers are usually the best part of the movie going experience.  They play like a highlight reel for the films they advertise.  They sometimes even function as a more economical mode of storytelling than the main feature itself.  That’s the one thing that both mainstream rap albums and summer blockbusters have in common.  Both are preceded by tons of advance hype.   These marketing campaigns are often more engaging and entertaining than the final product.  If one rapper has consistently tried to be the rare exception to that unfortunate rule over the years, it’s been Nas.  His tenth studio album, Life is Good, is rightfully one of this year’s most anticipated releases. The cover art for it was finally released today.  It shows a rather pensive Nas sitting in a club with a green dress draped across his lap.

Eye of the Tiger: ‘Rocky III’ Turns 30

People love a good comeback story.  The public loves to see an underdog defy the odds and rise to the top, only to sadistically relish in his downfall.  Only then can he be cheered on as he gets off the mat and back onto the saddle.  After all, can anyone truly relate to a hero who never loses?  How boring is a champion who makes it to the top only to coast for the rest of his career and retire undefeated?  Surely, such a hero isn’t worthy of having his own film franchise.  Sylvester Stallone certainly didn’t think so, hence how he treated his most beloved cinematic creation.  In Rocky III, the title character faced a much more fearsome challenge than ever before.  That challenge made for one of the entertaining films of the 1980’s.