Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Poster for ‘Man With The Iron Fists’ Bleeds Purple

The color purple is said to represent leadership, wealth, happiness, trustworthiness, and the power of creation.  To fans of the Wu-Tang Clan, it represents the exact same thing that the number seven represents in the bible: perfection.  Indeed, many of RZA’s aesthetic choices have been informed by numerology and color coding, both in the studio and in the boardroom.  Judging by the poster for The Man With The Iron Fists, his first foray into feature filmmaking will be no different.

Amazing Attractions: ‘Looper’ International Trailer

I love modern crime dramas, but I also love science fiction.  I’ve often wondered if there was a credible way to consolidate the two without sacrificing the integrity of either.  Judging by the international trailer for Looper, it seems that writer/director Rian Johnson and I are on the same page.

Webisode Review: Super Power Beat Down: Batman vs. Wolverine - Live Action Battle

Comic book fans have always debated hypothetical battles between their favorite characters.  Super Power Beat Down uses this ages old practice as the basis for a web series.   Imagine Spike Television’s Deadliest Warrior done with superheroes instead of historical figures and you’ll get the idea.  A group of self-styled experts pits two characters (often from different fantasy worlds) against each other.  A debate then ensues regarding the likely outcome.  A fight scene featuring both characters is then filmed by Bat in the Sun Productions.  It ends with the most probable/logical (and I use term loosely) outcome.  Viewers are allowed to vote well in advance of each episode.  Each episode begins with the debate to properly set the stage.  The fight scene is then shown before the final voting tally is revealed.