Saturday, September 1, 2012

Animated Short: Batman of Shanghai

The year is 1930.  The setting is Shanghai, China.  Within the comfort of his personal chambers, a crime boss is presented with a most wondrous gift: The fabled Scroll of Destiny.  The Scroll can grant its owner with limitless power, and complete dominion over any given territory.  Before “The Boss” can take possession of it, a colorful thief known as Catwoman bursts into his domicile.  She steals the scroll and disappears into the alleyways of Shanghai.  The Boss’s minions give chase.  A rickshaw runner, who also has designs on the scroll, joins the pursuit, but not before transforming into a hulking behemoth known as Bane.  Before long, yet another combatant enters the fray: A mysterious apparition known as Batman, who seeks to protect the scroll from all who would misuse it. 

Music Video: Nas - Bye Baby

Life Is Good is Nas’ most transcendent album to date.  It’s a mature and accomplished work that ends on a note of clarity and acceptance.* That ending comes courtesy of the open farewell letter to Kelis, “Bye Baby.” The song’s straightforward storytelling and vivid imagery make it ideal for the music video treatment.  Filmmaker Aristotle has been charged with bringing that potential to fruition.  Thankfully, he is able to deliver in spades.