Thursday, September 20, 2012

16 Stunning New Images From ‘The Man with the Iron Fists’

At this point, it surely cannot be possible to tease The Man with the Iron Fists any more than it’s already been teased.  Fans had to wait an excruciatingly long time for a single trailer to finally surface.  According to Shadow and Act, there have been a few test screenings, but reports from these secret viewings have been scarce.  Hopes are high for this film, and expectations are getting more unrealistic by the day.  Alas, November 20th is still two months away.  Universal Pictures will not doubt continue to build anticipation during the interim.  In furtherance of that purpose, 16 new images from the film have been released.

Sean Price Gets Brolic On The Cover Art for ‘Mic Tyson’

While some rappers prefer to be superheroes, Sean Price would rather be super villain.  He’s more Darkseid than Superman, which I imagine suits him just fine.  Hip-Hop doesn’t have much regard for overgrown Boy Scouts, but it does have an undying love for overgrown bullies.  Sean knows that damn well, hence the title of his upcoming third (and possibly final) solo album, Mic Tyson.  As if that weren’t menacing enough, the newly released cover art for his junior set perfectly embodies the sentiments of that title.

Robocop Gets An Upgrade While G.O.O.D Music Endures A "Cruel Summer" On This Week's Scottscope Podcast!

On this week’s Scottscope podcast, the roundtable discusses G.O.O.D Music’s compilation album Cruel Summer.  Does it live up to the hype, or is it less than the sum of its parts?  Is the G.O.O.D music collective a Hip-Hop force to be reckoned with, or just another overblown vanity project?  Did the GOOD Fridays series of music giveaways spoil the best songs on the album?  Who had the single best verse on the album?  Who emerges as the MVP of the G.O.O.D music collective?  Should Kanye rebuild the G.O.O.D music roster from the ground up?

'The 50th Law' Now Immortalized In Comic Book Form

When it comes to diversifying his brand, 50 Cent is no slouch.  Though his star no longer shines nearly as brightly as it once did, he keeps pushing boldly into new territory.  Now, he’s looking to conquer yet another medium: comic books.  That would seem to be an easy fit given his larger than life persona and superhero physique.  However, his first venture into the world of primary colors will not be the usual capes and tights fare.  Instead, it will be an adaptation of 50’s 2009 novel with Robert Greene, The 50th Law.