Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Scottscope Talk Radio 12/11/2012: 'The Chronic' Turns 20 While Rick Ross Has His Day of Reckoning!

This week on Scottscope Talk Radio, we’ll be celebrating the 20th anniversary of Dr. Dre’s immortal classic The Chronic!  Is it Hip-Hop’s best compilation album ever? What can be gleaned from its storied legacy?  Is its legendary status overstated?  What effect did the L.A. Riots have during the recording sessions for the album?  Is it more conscious than people give it credit for?  Does Dre get too much credit in regards to the groundbreaking production work?  Have the contributions of Warren G, Colin Wolfe, Daz, and Cold 187um gone unrecognized?  Will Detox ever come out?  Even if it does, can it hope to match or exceed The Chronic in terms of quality and/or impact?

Amazing Attractions: Man of Steel - Official Trailer #2

The teaser trailer for Man of Steel left me quite cold.  As a friend humorously observed, it looked more like a Levi’s commercial than an advertisement for an upcoming Superhero film.  To make matters worse, I am of the minority viewpoint that it’s much too soon to release another Superman movie, much less one that takes a “dark and serious” view of the character.  Bryan Singer already attempted something along those lines in 2006 with Superman Returns.  The result was a dreary yet great looking film which cast portrayed the character as a love struck stalker.  That’s hardly the kind of adventure that fans were expecting.  I’m hard pressed to believe that Zack Snyder could do much better, Christopher Nolan’s involvement notwithstanding.   Such reservations aside, the new trailer for Man of Steel has me rethinking my initial assumptions.