Thursday, December 20, 2012

Scottscope Talk Radio 12/18/2012 The Holiday Season Edition!

This week on Scottscope Talk Radio, we’ll be discussing our favorite holiday themed genre films.  From Die Hard to Lethal Weapon to Halloween (and all flicks in between), we’ll be talking about the movies that best capture the spirit of their assigned holiday.  Is it inappropriate to set violent action films during Christmas time?  Was the pre-millennial tension in Strange Days in keeping with Y2K hysteria?  Did Gremlins represent the perfect blend of horror, humor, and holiday cheer?  

Amazing Attractions: ‘Pain And Gain’ Trailer

I was a really skinny kid growing up.  I also had the misfortune of being raised on superhero comics and action films.  Perhaps that’s why I developed a fascination with bodybuilding in by late teens.  Though I never became a practitioner, I have a certain amount of respect for the sport.  Sculpting one’s body to such a degree takes dedication and discipline.  Apparently, such qualities eluded Miami’s Sun Gym gang. While packing on muscle mass, they also packed pistols and committed crimes.  Their not-so-legendary exploits are now the subject of Michael Bay’s latest bit of visual junk food, Pain And Gain.