Monday, January 14, 2013

Playtime on the Plantation: NECA’s ‘Django Unchained’ Action Figures Cause Uproar

Django Unchained seems to be stacking up box office receipts and award nominations in about equal measure.  Far outpacing both, however, is the film’s penchant for controversy.  This time, the merchandising, rather than the film itself, is the problem.  As has long been the standard for films of all kinds, Django Unchained has inspired a line of collectible action figures, courtesy of The National Entertainment Collectibles Association, or NECA.  Each figure bears the name and likeness of its corresponding character. 

Movie Review: The Mercenary (1968)

Paco, a Mexican peasant, is nearly executed for rebelling against his wealthy boss.  Meanwhile, Polish Mercenary Sergei Kowalski is hired to ensure that a small fortune in silver travels safely across the border.  Curly (Jack Palance), learns of Sergei’s mission, and plans on intercepting the silver before it reaches its destination.  However, things take an unexpected turn when Paco and Sergei cross paths.  Sergei agrees to school the Bandito in the ways of the revolutionary, albeit for an exorbitant fee.  This little arrangement soon proves far more expensive than Paco could have ever dreamed.