Thursday, May 16, 2013

Endangered Species: A 20th Anniversary Retrospective of ‘Menace II Society’ (Part 4)

In honor of the 20th anniversary of ‘Menace II Society,’ I proudly present this multipart retrospective.  The current chapter is posted below.  To read the previous chapter, please click here.  Thank you, and enjoy! 

Part 4: A Method to the Madness

When Tupac asked Allen Hughes to direct the video for “If My Homie Calls,” the filmmaker was hesitant.  He didn’t much like the track, but he needed Tupac to play the lead in his movie.  New Line Cinema agreed to bankroll Menace II Society with the understanding that a platinum artist would be cast in the lead.  Tupac didn’t have a platinum plaque yet, but his star was certainly rising.  His tour de force performance in Juice was nothing short of a revelation.  He’d also landed a lead role in John Singleton’s sophomore effort, Poetic Justice.  Against his better judgment, Allen took the job.