Sunday, July 6, 2014

Scottscope Talk Radio 7/5/2014: More Than Meets The Eye!

On this week’s edition of Scottscope Talk Radio, the roundtable reviews Transformers: Age of Extinction!  Is it on par with the first three?  Is it any better than the first three?  Might it actually be worse?  Do the Dinobots actually make an appearance?  Is it time for Michael Bay to walk away from the franchise?  Can Michael Bay actually be considered an auteur, or is he merely a skilled technician?  Is the franchise beyond redemption at this point?  Is the source material too inane to be made palatable for adults? 

Monday, June 30, 2014

No Sleep till Brooklyn: ‘Do the Right Thing’ Turns 25

For those who can remember, 1989 was undoubtedly the year of The Batman.  The Dark Knight’s shadow loomed large, and the famed Bat Signal was emblazoned on every product imaginable.  Indeed, after all the box office and merchandising receipts had been counted, the “World’s Greatest Detective” emerged victorious.  However, a phenomenon of a much more lasting variety took place merely a week later.  It was spurred on by an exponentially smaller, yet infinitely bolder film.  That film was far more significant from a sociological standpoint.  It exposed long festering wounds that hadn’t yet healed, and openly pondered one of life’s great mysteries: What is, ultimately, the right thing to do?

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Scottscope Talk Radio 6/14/2014: Who You Gonna Call?!

On this week’s edition of Scottscope Talk Radio, the roundtable reviews Edge of Tomorrow!  Is it just another generic Tom Cruise flick, or is it something altogether different?  Does it mark the beginning of a major comeback for Tom Cruise?  Could it be this generation’s answer to The Matrix?  Might it even be this summer’s best kept secret?  Is it truly as smart as some reviews are letting on?  Does a sci-fi actioner such as this truly have any mass appeal?  Will gamers and hardcore genre fans relate to it more than the average moviegoer?

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Scottscope Talk Radio 5/31/2014: The Days of Future Past!

On this week’s edition of Scottscope Talk Radio, The Roundtable reviews X-Men: Days of Future Past!  Is it the best X-Men film yet?  Is it the best X-Men Bryan Singer has ever made?  Is it true to the classic Chris Claremont story arc?  Is it just as good as, or possibly even better than, X-Men: First Class?  Does it successfully manage to juxtapose the cast of the Singer films with that of the Matthew Vaughn film?  Does it manage to do all of its many characters justice?  Does Quicksilver manage to be the film’s breakout star?  Should the franchise be allowed to continue on its current course?  Would it better off in the hands of Marvel Studios and Disney?

Friday, May 23, 2014

Scottscope Talk Radio 5/17/2014: Behold, The King of All Monsters!

Does the film ultimately deliver the goods?  Is the very idea of a “serious” Godzilla film an oxymoron? Should giant monster movies be nothing more than campy fun?  Is it possible for the genre to offer something more substantial?  Could Gareth Edwards’ approach to the material be considered pretentious?  Should he have simply stuck to the blueprint established by Toho studios over the past 60 years?  Does he even manage to best Roland Emmerich’s much derided Godzilla film?  Will the undisputed “King of All Monsters” ever receive proper treatment by an American studio?  Is this film worthy of a sequel?  How heavily does it borrow from the Gamera Trilogy?  If there is a sequel, which one of Godzilla’s foes should make an appearance?  How many films will it take before Hollywood’s giant monster revival becomes stale?

He Stands Alone: An Interview With Lord Jamar Part 2

In part 2 of my interview with Lord Jamar (You can read part one by clicking here), he talks a bit about his much publicized feuds with Yelawolf and Marlon Wayans.  He also discusses his acting career and his upcoming album.

He Stands Alone: An Interview With Lord Jamar Part 1

Throughout the 1990’s, Brand Nubian spread the gospel of The Five Percent Nation beyond the confines of the five boroughs.  Their debut LP, One for All, served as a musical manifesto for the organization, making its complex ideology palatable for the masses.  While the album didn’t set the Billboard Charts ablaze, it managed to amass a loyal and reverent following.  Group members Grand Puba Maxwell, Sadat X (Formerly known as Derek X), and Lord Jamar became icons of the Black consciousness movement in Hip-Hop.  When Puba left the fold to pursue a solo career, Sadat and Jamar continued on for two more albums before they reunited for 1998’s Foundation.  Throughout all of the group’s incarnations, Lord Jamar always remained its most reserved member.  Nevertheless, his contributions always proved essential to group’s lasting success.  

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Scottscope Talk Radio 5/3/2014: Welcome Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man!

This on Scottscope Talk Radio, The Roundtable reviews The Amazing Spider-Man 2!  Is it any better than the first one?  Might it actually be worse?  Are there too many villains and characters?  Does director Marc Webb truly understand Spider-Man?  Will this franchise ever reach the amazing highs that it did under Sam Raimi’s watch?  Is Andrew Garfield a better Peter Parker than Tobey Maguire?  Does this film offer the best depiction yet of Spider-Man’s powers and abilities?  Should Sony Pictures allow a crossover between Spidey and The Avengers?  If so, should Spidey be the sole headliner of that adventure?  Does anyone actually need a Sinister Six movie?  Would Spidey be better off in Disney’s hands?   

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Scottscope Talk Radio 4/26/2014: Enter The Matrix!

On this week’s edition of Scottscope Talk Radio, we’ll be celebrating the 15th anniversary of The Matrix!  Has it stood the test of time?  Can it truly be considered a watershed film on par with the original Star Wars?  Is it truly the Wachowskis single best film?  Is it nothing more than a polished amalgamation of wuxia films, heroic bloodshed, cyberpunk, anime, and manga?  Did the Wachowskis basically steal their ideas from Sophia Stewart?   Did they simply plagiarize writer Grant Morrison’s comic series The Invisibles?  Has the film’s influence truly been a lasting one?  Can The Matrix be considered a loving tribute to Hong Kong Action cinema, or just a cheap imitation of it?  Can the Wachowski’s ever return to their former glory?  Should the saga of Neo continue?

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Scottscope Talk Radio 4/19/2014: Time is Illmatic!

This week on Scottscope Talk Radio, the roundtable reviews The Raid 2: Berandal!  Is it a worthy follow-up to the original?  Is it actually better than the original?  Is it too ambitious for its own good?  Can it be considered bloated and pretentious?  Could it possibly be the most violent action film ever made?  Does it deserve comparison to classic “Heroic Bloodshed’ films like Hard Boiled and City on Fire?  Might it even deserve comparison to the likes of The Godfather Part 2?  Does it raise the bar for action cinema?  Are fans overhyping it?  Is it merely an ultraviolent yet disposable cult film from a familiar genre? 

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Movie Review: The Raid 2: Berandal

Though weary from battle, Officer Rama (Iko Uwais) is afforded no rest.  Mere hours after emerging from the bloodied hallways of a Jakarta apartment block, he’s thrown to the wolves once again.  This time, he goes undercover to infiltrate the powerful Bangun crime family.  He eventually becomes bodyguard and confidant to its heir apparent, the impetuous Uco (Arifin Putra).  As a result, he becomes privy to family business and gangland politics.  However, when an unsanctioned hit triggers an all-out gang war, Rama finds himself on the front lines.  Will he be able to fight his way out of the slaughterhouse once more?   

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Scottscope Talk Radio 4/5/2014: The Rise Of The Winter Soldier!

On this week’s edition of Scottscope Talk Radio, the roundtable reviews Captain America: The Winter Soldier! Just who is this mysterious character known as the “Winter Soldier”? What significance does he have to not only our hero, but the Marvel Cinematic Universe as whole? Will filmmaker’s Anthony and Joe Russo continue in the tradition established by Joe Johnston, or will they stake out new territory for Cap to conquer? Will the MCU ever manage to truly diversify its brand? Are all MCU films, and by extension, all superhero films exactly the same? Is it time for a change? Is Tony Stark/Iron Man still the most interesting and charismatic Avenger? Does Captain America: The Winter Soldier set a new watermark for the MCU? Is the hype justified? Join us as we ponder these and other mysteries of the MCU!

Movie Review: Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) walks a lonely road.  Since awakening from his arctic slumber, he wanders through life in a perpetual state of bemusement.  His once beloved country has evolved into a high-tech police state.  It also happens to be the preeminent world power.  Now, with the help of Stark Industries technology, S.H.I.E.L.D hopes to make that power absolute.  Alas, a cancerous growth has been gestating deep within the bowels of the organization since its very inception.  That once hidden threat now seeks complete dominion over its host, and by extension, the world at large.  As this evolution takes place, key S.H.I.E.L.D operatives become strategic targets.  Now, more than ever before, Captain America is the lone ambassador of an outmoded ideal.  With the help of Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) and The Falcon (Anthony Mackie), he hopes to restore freedom to world on the brink of losing it forever.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Scottscope 3/39/2014: It's a Sabotage!

On this week’s edition of Scottscope Talk Radio, the roundtable reviews Sabotage!  Is it on par with the best of David Ayer’s work, or is it just more of the same?  Has he become too predictable?  Is it time for him to leave his comfort zone and try something new?  Have gritty cop thrillers and crime dramas finally run their course?  Could this be Arnold Schwarzenegger’s single most violent film to date?  Could this be his best performance since coming out of retirement?  Is there still room for him to grow as an actor at this point?   Is Sabotage merely a thinly-veiled exploitation film operating under the guise of serious drama?  

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Scottscope Talk Radio 3/22/2014: Bustin' Out Of The Boondocks!

On this week’s edition of Scottscope Talk Radio, the roundtable will be discussing Aaron Mcgruder’s departure from The Boondocks.  Should the show continue on without him?  Will it even be worth watching?  Might it actually be better off without him?  Given that the show bears relatively little resemblance to comic strip it was based on, would it be fair to question his actual level of involvement up until this point?  Was his abandonment of the property inevitable?  What of his new show, Black Jesus?  Given the controversial nature of his humor, is McGruder truly a master satirist, or just a petty, self-hating provocateur?  Is the animated iteration of The Boondocks truly meant to provoke thought, or is just a mean-spirited minstrel show that denigrates Black America?

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Duplicating Perfection: Is There Actually Hope For The Upcoming Remake Of 'The Raid'?

It was the announcement that fandom had been collectively dreading for well over two years.  One could liken it to an inmate on death row, anxiously awaiting his execution date.  Sooner or later, after all the appeals have been filed and ultimately denied, the sentence will be carried out.  In this particular case, the switch was finally pulled (or the guillotine dropped) on Thursday, February 20th.  Screen Gems and XYZ films officially announced that the American remake of The Raid: Redemption would be going into production this fall.  Patrick Hughes, who is currently in post-production on The Expendables 3, is slated to direct.  A cast has yet to be announced, though some have mentioned the Hemsworth brothers as possible candidates.  So began a worldwide outcry of fans everywhere.