Friday, May 23, 2014

He Stands Alone: An Interview With Lord Jamar Part 2

In part 2 of my interview with Lord Jamar (You can read part one by clicking here), he talks a bit about his much publicized feuds with Yelawolf and Marlon Wayans.  He also discusses his acting career and his upcoming album.

Scott Wilson: A lot of people, even many of those who agree with the views you’ve recently expressed, feel as though you are being used by DJ Vlad.  They see him as an interloper.  What are your thoughts on that?  Are they judging him too harshly?

Lord Jamar: I’d say yes and no.  Nobody’s gonna manipulate me into doing anything.  I know that I’m helping him and he knows that he’s helping me.  Both hands wash each other.  Both hands wash the face.  I’m not being manipulated.  That’s all I can say.  My man’s been working for years on his site.  He’s basically developed a distribution model.  If you post video out there, and if the content touches a nerve or strikes a cord with people, then you’re gonna get instant views.  It goes back to that social memory complex.  That’s how you can get in people’s heads instantly.  That’s not an easy infrastructure to put together, you know what I mean?  It’s something that he’s been doing for a while, and now he’s gotten to a point where he’s perfected it.  So of course he needs content for his shit. 

I’m not here to just be beefing with motherfuckers.  It’s just that you got some ignorant people who don’t know how to disagree without being disrespectful.  That’s where the beef shit comes in.  Ain’t nothing happened thus far where it’s turned physical.  A lot of times, it’s just a battle of the wits, and truth and knowledge (laughs).  That’s my armor.  That’s what I fight with.  I’m not trying to shoot nobody out here or nothing like that.  I’ll shoot your fucking ignorance down.  That’s what I shoot.  Vlad is my man.  We good. 

Scott Wilson: Yelawolf responded to your comments about homosexuals in Hip-Hop and White people being guests in Hip-Hop.

Lord Jamar: He agreed with my comments about White people being guests in Hip-Hop.

Scott Wilson: Yes, he did.  He started off his initial response by saying that he agreed with you.

Lord Jamar: Right.

Scott Wilson: Then he continued to elaborate on his opening statement; some might say he contradicted himself.  

Yelawolf showing his true colors (hint hint).

Lord Jamar: When they asked him about gay people, that’s where people get uncomfortable, because they feel like they have to protect them and be on their side right now.  They know if they say anything negative, they don’t want to be in that place.  So now they need to attack somebody who disagrees with that.  At that point, that’s when he crossed the line and started saying “Oh well, I think he needs to shut the fuck up!”  That was the point in the interview that I had a problem with.  Even if you disagreed with what I’m saying, I don’t have beef with that.  I don’t need people to agree with me.  I’m not here to play the “yes man” and all that type of shit.  We can talk it out.  We can debate it.  But once I disagree with you, and you feel like you got to get disrespectful with me…I’ve been doing this too long.  I’ve earned my respect.  You’re not just going to come in here and disrespect me.      
Scott Wilson: When you issued your warning to Yelwolf, he responded by openly challenging you to a physical confrontation.  He posted his tour dates and invited to show up at any one of them.  Many people feel as though you punked out by not taking him up on his challenge, like you bit off more than you could chew and he called your bluff.  Would you care to address that?

Lord Jamar: He acted like a faggot.  Listen, how are you gonna invite me to your concert?  Go on line and look at where the concerts are at.  Fucking Arkansas, Oklahoma.  You think I’m gonna fucking go to Oklahoma with all those fucking crackers, and he’s fucking got the police and bodyguards  with him?  I’m fucking gonna show up there and be like “Yelawolf, it’s on!”  That’s fucking ridiculous!  If you were really serious, we’d meet in a place mutually and we’d do what we have to do.  That was a ridiculous invitation.  He knows nobody would accept that!  That’s why he said it!  It’s not a matter of me punking out.  Fuck him, he’s pussy!  That was a sucker’s invitation! 

That’s like when niggas is dry snitching in jail.  You ain’t say shit, all of a sudden you see the CO and now you want to start talking shit.  “Aaaarrrggghhh!!!!  That shit you did?!  Aaaarrrggghhh!!!!”  That’s that dry snitching shit.  If you really wanted to do something, you’d hit me up on the PM on Twitter like “Yo, it’s just me and you.  Let’s fucking meet up somewhere and fucking go at it.”   BET!  But he’s not serious, that’s why he said that.  That’s like me telling him to come to Flatbush, Brooklyn by himself.  I’m not going to your hillbilly swamps to fuck with you.  If we’d meet somewhere neutral, I’d love it.  I’ll break his face.  Other than that, he’s not serious, so I’m not even going to entertain that. 

Scott Wilson:  You recently got into a Twitter debate with Marlon Wayans over your comments about Omar Epps and his choice of wardrobe on The View.  Marlon seemed to come at you very aggressively.  Why do you think he did that?  

Omar Epps (Left) and Marlon Wayans (Right)

Lord Jamar: Psychologically, it struck a nerve with him.  Maybe he was going to dress like that later on that night, and I messed it up for him.  I don’t know.  This man has done movies with full-on dresses. In a lot of his roles he’s acting very feminine and soft.  I don’t know why he was playing Captain Save-A-Hoe that day, but it backfired on him.  He tried to clown me.  He thought because he was a comedian or some shit that I wouldn’t be witty enough to come back on his punk ass. Good for you, motherfucker.

Scott Wilson: His comments about your wardrobe and supposed lack of growth struck me as odd.  He obviously thinks of himself as both a consummate professional and a world renowned artist, yet he immediately resorted to mudslinging.  Did you see that as an act of desperation on his part? 

Lord Jamar: First of all, I don't still dress like I dressed in the 90's.  My pants fit me now. They're not skin tight, like how some of these guys wear them, but they're not oversized like they used to be.  I don't wear the oversized hoodies.  Yes, I do wear Timbs at times, and I've never had a pair of Lugz.  Even back then I've never had Lugz.  That just reflects how he sees all Black people. It's not just me.  He actually has a stereotype of what he thinks are lower level Black people.  He's still stuck in the past and in his movies. That's why he was coming at me with In Living Color references and all of that. He's still stuck in the past! He's corny! I was never even wearing Cross Colours when it was out! This motherfucker used to wear Cross Colours.  Them motherfuckers was corny like that.

Yo, I'm not fucking with this dude. Even if I do wear baggy clothes, what does that have to do with this man wearing a skirt?  That has nothing to do with the fact that men shouldn't wear skirts, period. Then for Omar Epps to come back and say "Oh the misinformed didn't spot that I was trying to do some Zulu Maasai shit." First of all, you’re full of shit.  If that’s what you were really doing, where's your spear and shield?  Why didn't you state that first place?  We're misinformed because you didn't inform us that that's what you were doing, because that's NOT what you were doing!  That's what you were doing once a conscious artist called you out on it.  Now you're gonna flip it to make it seem like you was doing some African shit, to try to make me feel like "Oh, my bad."  No, it's not my bad. You're giving me a bullshit answer, just like you think you can do to us.  You think the average person is ignorant and stupid and not gonna think things through.

Omar Epps (Center Right, Standing) Making his now infamous appearance on The View.

His public relations person gave him that fucking answer, but it's bullshit. We was never wearing fucking skirts like that. Then he gives us some drawing of a so-called Shaka Zulu. Even if we were wearing something like that hundreds and thousands of years ago, that was archetype of a man BACK THEN and it wasn't looked upon as funny.  Right now, today, the archetype of a man is not a skirt.  You don't wear skirts.  The fashion statement of today that is being given, is one of femininity, okay?  You can try to camouflage it with all this bullshit, which you know isn't true.  Y'all niggas wasn't talking about Africa any other time.  Y'all motherfuckers wouldn't have worn that back in the 90's, at the height of Africanism in Hip-Hop.  You wouldn't have worn no fucking skirt when X-Clan was out!  So why the fuck are you wearing one now?! You're full of shit! 

I'll tell you why you're wearing it.  It's because niggas like Kanye, R Kelly, and A$ap Rocky are wearing it. All these motherfuckers that they're telling you are cutting edge in fashion and all of this type of shit. They're telling you to wear it, and you're like "Whoo-Hoo!"  They're telling you to wear it.  You KNOW they're telling you to wear it!  And you're fucking wearing it, and that's some bullshit.  At the end of the day, you're helping an agenda that’s bigger than just you putting on a fucking skirt on some individual shit. You're helping to confuse the minds of children.  THAT'S what the fuck you're doing!

Scott Wilson: During that exchange with Marlon Wayans, you said a lot of things that I've often heard said by rap fans behind closed doors. I'm sure rappers have said such things behind closed doors as well. Such thoughts and ideas never seem to make it to actual records or interviews these days, especially on a mainstream level.

Lord Jamar: Because niggas is scared to say the real shit.  The truth will set you free, you understand?  By telling the truth, you help yourself.  You help your fucking throat chakra (laughs), if you know about chakras.  So the more truth that you tell, that enables you to get to your next chakra, which is that third-eye chakra.  If you keep speaking lies, and you’re inauthentic all the time, you’re not going to be able to rise to your true God-potential.  You can actually almost say this is being selfish on my behalf, as far as my effort to just be truthful and stop trying to sugarcoat shit, and just say what I know people are thinking but scared to say.  So fuck it, I’m gonna say it, because I need that for my own therapy.  I need to tell the truth.  So if you’re too scared to tell the truth, fuck it, I’m gonna say it. 

Scott Wilson: You played the character of Supreme Allah on the HBO show OZ.  That show was notorious for its extremely explicit content.  You had to do a nude scene in one episode.  Did you have a hard time reconciling your beliefs with the requirements of that role?  

Supreme Allah (Lord Jamar) on an episode of HBO's gritty prison drama OZ.

Lord Jamar: First of all, my character didn’t do anything that was gay on the fucking show.  So there was nothing to push through or worry about.  The nude scene was just realistic to me.  Motherfuckers take showers together in jail.  That’s how the fuck it is.  You take showers together in high school, on the football team in the locker room.  There’s nothing gay about that.  It is what it is.  That was just a realistic portrayal of life in prison. 

Every fucking scene that I did, there’s no gay shit going on in any scene I was involved with.  That was asked of me before I even got on the show.  They had enough respect to ask me what I would and would not do.  I told him I would not do that (gay scenes).  Then he told me, “Well, you might get thrown in the hole or something, and you’d have to be naked.  Would you be willing to do that?”  I don’t have a problem with that, because it’s realistic.  As far as anything of a homosexual nature, I’m not ready to do that.  So none of my shit on that show had any homosexual shit about it. 

Now was there homosexual shit on the show?  Yeah, there was.  Those were the scenes where I checked out.  Was there a lot of shit like that written in the script?  Yeah, there was.  So if you’re gonna say that I was on a show that had some homosexual shit, you’d be right.  Was that something I was there to promote?  Absolutely not.   I was there to act, and to make knowledge born of The Five Percent Nation.  I did a character from The Five Percent Nation, which hasn’t been seen in film for a long time, period.  It’s never been on TV. 

Scott Wilson: Tell me about your new project with Alamo.

Lord Jamar: It’s a project called Known Associates.  It’s some real Hip-Hop shit.  It’s the type of Hip-Hop that we feel IS Hip-Hop.  Sample heavy.  We’re not fucking with 808’s and all this bouncing around down south type music.  We’re making that real New York type Hip-Hop.  We got a lot of our friends from over here fucking with us.  Some of them are famous, some of them are not famous, but they’re all dope MC’s and producers.  We’re just cliquing together like that.  So that will hopefully be coming this year, definitely.

Click here to read part 1 if you haven't already!  You won't be dissapointed!


  1. It's still ridiculous to me Lord Jamar is so angry over words with Yelawolf .. He needs to calm down, listen to Creekwater and talk to the LEGENDARY DJ Kool Herc about Yelawolf .. He'll see the truth then and perhaps there can be an open conversation that will truly break some of this racist, homophobic mess Jamar keeps spewing

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