Friday, May 23, 2014

Scottscope Talk Radio 5/17/2014: Behold, The King of All Monsters!

Does the film ultimately deliver the goods?  Is the very idea of a “serious” Godzilla film an oxymoron? Should giant monster movies be nothing more than campy fun?  Is it possible for the genre to offer something more substantial?  Could Gareth Edwards’ approach to the material be considered pretentious?  Should he have simply stuck to the blueprint established by Toho studios over the past 60 years?  Does he even manage to best Roland Emmerich’s much derided Godzilla film?  Will the undisputed “King of All Monsters” ever receive proper treatment by an American studio?  Is this film worthy of a sequel?  How heavily does it borrow from the Gamera Trilogy?  If there is a sequel, which one of Godzilla’s foes should make an appearance?  How many films will it take before Hollywood’s giant monster revival becomes stale?

We’ll also be talking about Solange Knowles and her violent attack on Jay-Z.  What caused it?  Do any of the popular theories hold weight?  Is there a double standard in regards to inter-gender violence?  Should Solange be subjected to the same legal ramifications that a male in her position might be subjected to?  Would Jay have been within his rights had he decided to fight back?  What does the public’s reaction to the incident say about male/female relations?

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