Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Duplicating Perfection: Is There Actually Hope For The Upcoming Remake Of 'The Raid'?

It was the announcement that fandom had been collectively dreading for well over two years.  One could liken it to an inmate on death row, anxiously awaiting his execution date.  Sooner or later, after all the appeals have been filed and ultimately denied, the sentence will be carried out.  In this particular case, the switch was finally pulled (or the guillotine dropped) on Thursday, February 20th.  Screen Gems and XYZ films officially announced that the American remake of The Raid: Redemption would be going into production this fall.  Patrick Hughes, who is currently in post-production on The Expendables 3, is slated to direct.  A cast has yet to be announced, though some have mentioned the Hemsworth brothers as possible candidates.  So began a worldwide outcry of fans everywhere.